Bath Bake Love


Welcome to the Bath Bake Love kitchen

Relax into dessert-filled wonderland with luxurious bathing ingredients...


Out on the First Wednesday of Each Month


Growing up with Roald Dahl's sugar-sparkled inspiration Miss Bath Bakes wanted to create the feeling that you get from walking into a heavenly patisserie in her favourite place, the Bath;

 The Dream - to make the bath a mixing bowl for the most truly scrumptious bath desserts, and a place of magic & pure imagination


To encourage bake scented self-love with beautiful ingredients

We are absolutely passionate about making our goodies - CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN, SLS FREE and SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE FREE - We source all our essences ethically (including from our own back garden) 


Our family

Miss Bath Bakes - Sara-Meg, chocoholic creator and all round dessert dreamer

Mr Bath Bakes technical whizz, design master and all round delicious adviser

 The gorgeous Emily - incredibly lovely talented photographer who helped with the gorgeous website visuals

And all of you - the heart of Bath Bake Love

Thank you so much x