When do you release products?

We release a New Limited Edition Collection every month; the release date is usually the first Wednesday of the month at 5.30pm (GMT). 

We then have one Restock date usually a fortnight later - All dates are clear on the website and in our Instagram Bio @bathbakelove.

We also have a core collection of goodies which runs throughout the year; this is restocked on the same dates as the release and restock of the limited collection.


How much is international shipping?

This is dependant on where you live - within mainland Europe shipping is around £11, US/Canada starts from £12 upwards as it is weight based for tracked and signed.


How do you use the products?

Each product has a description of how to use it in its listing. 

Bubble Mixes  - a bubbling soak that can be shaken into the bath for bubbles and relaxation.

Bath Syrups - a serum for the bath which can be poured straight into the bath for silky skin

Bath Creams - a whipped soap, for a luxurious lather that can be enjoyed as a shave cream & a scoop under the running water will make soft bubble sweetness

Sugar Whips - a gentle whipped lathering scrub

Melts - Organic Cocoa Butter melts to soften the bath or melt straight into skin

Essences - a concentrated essence to be poured into the bath, mixed with other goodies or patted straight onto skin after bathing for extra scent & softness


When will my goodies arrive?

As we make all your delights fresh, our turn around time is 7-10 working days. Our working days are Monday to Friday.  If you have ordered at release or restock on a Wednesday, your parcel will usually be dispatched by Tuesday/Wednesday of the following week.  It will then depend on your location and the mail service after dispatch.

 Can you swap products in for me?

Unfortunately much as we’d like to, we have lots of scrumptious things to do so we can’t promise this service.

How long will my goodies keep fresh for?

We do not use any harsh preservatives therefore we recommend enjoying them within 6 months of receiving.


Are any of the products edible?

Definitely not - as scrumptious as they smell they are not for consumption.

Can I return/recycle pots?

Yes, we are happy to receive empty clean pots back - 8 pots will mean a free goodie in your next order ; please message us for the details.


When are your messaging working hours?

We will respond to messages - emails and on Instagram, between 10am and 8pm Mon to Fri.  We aim to respond within 1-2 working days maximum. We are more active on instagram so we will respond most quickly there


Can you hold products for me?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the releases we have to operate on the basis of first come first served in order to remain fair.  If you miss out on release we always make sure to create a restock date so there is a second chance to enjoy the goodies.